Investing in Community 2016

Investing in Community

United Way provides funding to strengthen the network of services and capacity of non-profits to achieve meaningful, long-term improvements in quality of life in the community by addressing not just the symptoms of problems but also the root causes.

Applying for Funds

Our Community Investment process is open to receive applications from non-profits with a CRA charitable number as of December 1st, 2015 throughout the Thompson Nicola Cariboo region. The deadline for applications will be January 30th, 2016.  Individuals successful with their applications can expect that an interview will take place in March.

Reporting on Investments

The Funded Partner Progress Report enables United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo (UWTNC) to track, evaluate and report to our community on successes meeting funded organizational, service or program outcomes and an organization’s contributions towards the greater community’s goals. This information is also critical in reporting back to our donors, UWTNC Board of Directors, and contributes greatly to our annual fundraising success.

UWTNC staff will review reports and discuss any issues, challenges or opportunities with organizations, and support or address items as needed.

The Funded Partner Progress Report is due by January 15th of the year after you receive funding. This online report is available on

National United Way Focus Areas

Your application must align with one of our national focus areas :

From Poverty to Possibility
Helping to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable people in our communities, building the capacity of individuals to become economically independent, and advocating for the removal of systemic and discriminatory obstacles to economic security
All That Kids Can Be
Helping children and youth reach their full potential by supporting education and cognitive development as well as social, emotional, and physical development.
Strong Communities
Building strong communities and promoting health and well-being for community members.


If you would like to have assistance , please contact Amy Berard at or 250.372.9933.